Upcoming Events

Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives Works by Diane Burko
Thu 5/4/17 10:00AM General Admission
Fri 5/5/17 10:00AM General Admission
Sun 5/7/17 10:00AM General Admission
Mon 5/8/17 10:00AM General Admission
Tue 5/9/17 10:00AM General Admission
Wed 5/10/17 10:00AM General Admission
Thu 5/11/17 10:00AM General Admission

Manual Cinema’s <i>Lula del Ray</i>
Manual Cinema’s Lula del Ray
“. . . this Chicago troupe is conjuring phantasms to die for in an unclassifiable story of spectral beauty…” - The New York Times
Thu 5/4/17 7:00PM Baum Walker Hall

Compagnia TPO’s <i>The Painted Garden</i>
Compagnia TPO’s The Painted Garden
Part of the Artosphere: Arkansas Arts & Nature Festival
Sat 5/6/17 11:00AM Starr Theater
Sat 5/6/17 2:00PM Starr Theater
Sat 5/6/17 4:00PM Starr Theater

MOMIX <i>Opus Cactus</i>
MOMIX Opus Cactus
Sun 5/7/17 7:00PM Baum Walker Hall

Chapel Music Series <br />Dover Quartet<br /><i>An Evening of Beethoven</i>
Chapel Music Series
Dover Quartet
An Evening of Beethoven
Tue 5/9/17 7:00PM General Admission

Chapel Music Series<br/>Claire Lynch Band
Chapel Music Series
Claire Lynch Band
Thu 5/11/17 6:30PM General Admission

Artosphere Festival Orchestra<br />
<i>Mozart in the Museum</i><br />
Corrado Rovaris, Music Director<br />
A Special Concert & KUAF 91.3 FM Public Radio Live Broadcast from Crystal Bridges
Artosphere Festival Orchestra
Mozart in the Museum
Corrado Rovaris, Music Director
A Special Concert & KUAF 91.3 FM Public Radio Live Broadcast from Crystal Bridges
Fri 5/12/17 8:00PM General Admission

Trail Mix: Square to Square
Sat 5/13/17 8:00AM General Admission

Chapel Music Series<br />Dover Quartet
<br />Live from Crystal Bridges
Chapel Music Series
Dover Quartet
Live from Crystal Bridges
Sat 5/13/17 4:00PM General Admission

<i>The Way Back Home</i>
The Way Back Home
When a boy discovers a single-propeller airplane in his closet, he does what any young adventurer would do: he flies out into outer space! Millions of miles from Earth, the plane begins to sputter and quake. The fuel tank is empty, and the boy must execute a daring landing on the moon. But as it turns out, he is not alone up there…

The Way Back Home explores the boundless imagination of children. Through puppet animation and music, children explore the story of one boy’s adventure into outer space and the quest he must undertake to help his new friend!

Sun 5/14/17 2:00PM Starr Theater
Sun 5/14/17 4:00PM Starr Theater

Trail Mix: Walker Park
Sun 5/14/17 4:00PM General Admission

Chapel Music Series<br/>The Séamus Egan Project
Chapel Music Series
The Séamus Egan Project
Tue 5/16/17 6:30PM General Admission

Artosphere Festival Orchestra
Mendelssohn In Scotland
Corrado Rovaris, Music Director
The 10x10 concert has become a staple of the Artosphere Festival Orchestra!
Wed 5/17/17 7:00PM Baum Walker Hall

AFO: Off the Grid
Thu 5/18/17 7:00PM General Admission

John Luther Adams' Inuksuit
Fri 5/19/17 6:00PM General Admission

The Man Who Planted Trees
The Man Who Planted Trees
This multi-sensory theatrical adaptation of Jean Giono’s environmental classic tells the inspiring story of a shepherd who plants a forest, acorn by acorn, transforming a barren wasteland. As much a touching tale as it is a hilarious puppet show, The Man Who Planted Trees shows us the difference one man (and his dog!) can make to the world.
Sat 5/20/17 11:00AM Starr Theater
Sat 5/20/17 2:00PM Starr Theater

Artosphere Festival Orchestra<br /><i/>Artosphere Festival Finale<i/><br />Corrado Rovaris,  Music Director
Artosphere Festival Orchestra
Artosphere Festival Finale
Corrado Rovaris, Music Director
Sat 5/20/17 8:00PM Baum Walker Hall